APR 2, 2016 - PRESENT


Ryan Campbell has completed an exterior painting on the Alameda side of our DTLA Gallery and we are so excited to be unveiling it alongside our Karen Lofgren solo show on Saturday April 2. We hope you can make it out to see both exhibits.

Ryan Campbell is an artist originally from Los Angeles who now works and lives in the Coachella Valley. His work focuses on line segments arranged in layers with color gradients using metallic and varied textures to achieve the effect of the perception of depth on a flat surface. Symmetry is a major theme in Ryan’s work as he works within sequenced numbers of lines at a time using masking to create symmetrical designs within each piece. Another strong theme within Ryan’s work is direction. He works within the line segments, using multiple sections of masked areas to create color blocks. Ryan uses color harmonies ranging from dark colors and moving toward lighter tones to build further depth and texture. Occasionally, fluorescents are also used to give deep colors warm glows. Ryan’s use of metallic paint gives the effect of a floating iridescent layer, adding further depth to his work. Segments of lines drape tightly and wrap all sides of the artwork giving each piece the appearance of an object rather than a traditional painting.