JAN 30 -


Royale Projects Contemporary Art will present a new body of work in resin by LA-based painter David Allan Peters at the gallery’s Downtown Los Angeles space. A public opening reception will take place at the 432 S. Alameda (LA Arts District) location. The artist will be present. The event will concurrently celebrate a Royale Projects group exhibition featuring the gallery’s represented artists in other viewing rooms.

Peters has become known for a distinctive style where he layers sheathes of acrylic paint and then carves into them exposing kaleidoscopic sub-surfaces. This approach dissolves the boundary between sculpture and painting. Continuing his practice of redefining the ideals of painting, his new work is created by collecting residual paint chips, flecks and dust from his unique process, milling and then submerging the colorful by-product into layers of liquid resin. As the resin dries, it creates clear stratum that capture the delicate debris, holding it as if frozen in time. He often uses embedded wire to control and corral the multi-hued paint particles.

Los Angeles Times journalist Deborah Vankin described Peters’ new series as “abstract works made of paint dust and copper wire encased in transparent resin.” She continues, “The works have a spacey, star-scape quality. But, the copper wire cutting through what look to be intergalactic explosions gives the freewheeling design a backbone.” Peters elaborates that, “[with] the newer works, the dust is so free and loose, that’s why I put the wire in — to give it order”.

This showcase of David Allan Peters’ resin paintings at Royale Projects Los Angeles marks the first time the new series has been publicly exhibited.